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The 9 Most Important Things You Should Know

About Business Advisor…Ralph Berge

An Introduction….

1. Ralph Berge is a business professional with a solid history of identifying business threats and converting them to opportunities that result in enhanced strategic management practices and business development.

2. Ralph Berge’s skills help businesses unlock the full potential of current and future business development, which ultimately brings significant revenue to their firms.

3. With a BA degree from the University of Minnesota, Ralph continued his education at Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management (Cleveland), where he received his MBA.

4. In addition, Ralph’s 30-year career has provided a platform for continuous learning and leadership roles.  Some highlights include:

  • Developing strong working relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, and other business stakeholders
  • Identifying value-added opportunities that are mutually rewarding to all parties
  • Managing advertising, public relations and marketing
  • Negotiating long-term contracts
  • Leading cross-functional teams to develop management strategy
  • Managing an annual $300 million budget

5. Ralph Berge believes in steady personal development and continuous education, which he shares with and expects from all of his clients.

6. Ralph Berge is passionate about helping business owners and managers find workable solutions to their challenges and works with them to achieve their goals.

7. The success of his business is not just due to his management and leadership qualities but also to the knowledgeable team and systems that he has put in place.

8. Ralph has developed and applied team building, and overall management skills to various business environments. Combining those skills with ongoing coaching education provides a strong platform for improving your business.

9. Ralph Berge has a strong commitment to helping business owners increase their profits and improve work/ life balance.  As a business coach, his goal is to re-energize Northeastern Ohio … one business at a time.

Ralph Berge, Certified Business & Exit Planning Advisor, 440-838-0991

Email: ralphberge@valuelinkadvisors.com