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Customer Service and Your Business

Customer service has been an important part in the success of any business in the United States and around the world.  An increase in technological … [Read More...]

Happiness and Company Culture

Small businesses have many positive things going on for them.  The owners have total control of what’s going on in their business and take care of … [Read More...]

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Small Business and Your Employees Health

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse … [Read More...]

Best Business Practices

For a small business owner, scaling a business can … [Read More...]

Employee happiness and Business Success

Regardless of what you hear from Congress or any … [Read More...]

What Benchmarking is and How it Can Help You

Have you heard of benchmarking? Do you know what it is? Really know what it is, not have just a vague understanding? Most small businesses owners have heard of benchmarking. They think they know what it is, and have decided it won’t help their company. But, any business can profit - literally increase its profits - from it. If don’t you … [Read More...]

It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Brand (Part 2)

Last month I talked about what a brand is and how it’s past time for small business owners to get serious about theirs.  It’s a concept that’s here to stay.  How you create and manage your brand can often be directly linked to increased or decreased sales. Knowledgeable customers are increasingly expecting (demanding) an overall positive buying … [Read More...]