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business (7)This is what is happening around Ohio that in some way or another affects the life of many Ohio families and individuals.

67K new businesses in Ohio could launch with health care law

Total number of self-employed Americans could grow by 1.5 million next year. Ohio could add as many as 67,000 new entrepreneurs as a result of the federal government subsidies made available to aspiring business owners through the Affordable Care Act, according to a new report from the Urban Institute.

The number of newly minted entrepreneurs in Ohio would ran fourth nationally behind California, Texas and Florida, and the total number of self-employed Americans could grow by 1.5 million next year when the states open their online marketplaces for health insurance under the health law, the nonpartisan Washington, D.C.-based think tank predicts.

With SAS, Ohio Mutual Insures Better Forecasting, Pricing

Since 2009, Ohio Mutual Insurance Group has used SAS-Analytics to explore price elasticity before making rate changes. Accurate forecasting with SAS enables the company to assess how proposed premium increases will affect renewals at agent and policyholder levels, so it can broaden its insurance lines with less risk.

Claiming $50M impact with lost business, Care Logistics sues two Ohio healthcare networks

Alpharetta-based Care Logistics, a provider of hospital management software and logistics services, is suing two Ohio health care networks, claiming they have cost the company millions of dollars after backing out of several business agreements.

In a case filed this week in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, Care Logistics seeks at least $12 million in damages from the networks, Catholic Health Partners of Cincinnati and Mercy Health Systems of Toledo, plus additional compensation.




Ohio Business News

business (5)Storing paper files in offices or warehouses is no longer done -we hope- but, when information in deleted so easily from a computer, we tend to wonder umm……, either way this is what is happening around Ohio this week.

Commercial kitchens: Can we stir up new food processing in Ohio?

In March, I was at a meeting in Champaign County, Ohio, when a woman asked me what I knew about community commercial kitchens.

Not much, I confessed, but enough to think they’re a great option for entrepreneurial small food processors and marketers.

Let’s say you have a great recipe for cheesecakes. You make them for every occasion and even give them as gifts. Pretty soon, people are asking if they could buy them from you.

Ohio women earn 75% of what men make, report says

As local leaders seek to improve the job outlook, national numbers again point to an income disparity between men and women nationally.

The National Women’s Law Center reports women working full-time make 77 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. The center pointed to a disproportionate concentration of women working in minimum wage and tipped occupations.

Cleveland VA office accidentally deletes nearly 500,000 loan documents

The regional Veterans Affairs office in Cleveland says nearly 500,000 electronic home loan documents were accidentally deleted in May.  The VA says the information included active loan files, along with appraisal and grant documents for veterans and service members who qualify for the Specially Adapted Housing. Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman issued a statement Monday saying that he wants more answers and what the office plans to do about the mistake.