Tips To Grow Your Business for 2015 and Other News

business (5)As 2014 comes to an end, small business owners and organizations start thinking and strategizing for the coming year. Many companies begin the year with new budgets for different departments, and strategies for their marketing campaigns are reevaluated again if they are not working, or if they need to take a different direction. Healthcare packages and other financial incentives for their employees can be evaluated to compare prices and offer them better choices than the previous year.  Follow the links below to read more about small business news, and ways to promote your business for the coming year.

11 Foolproof Ways to Grow Your Small-Business Facebook Following

Your business may have a solid marketing strategy, but are you an effective Facebook marketer?

Facebook estimates that it is home to more than 30 million active small-business pages. How will yours get noticed? How do you turn one fan into 1,000? Here are 11 creative (and perfectly legal!) methods to generate a Facebook following that convert likes to sales fluidly:

1. Make your Facebook page home.
Once you have set up a comprehensive business page, request a personalized web address, such as Promote your new hub of business across your other social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) and on printed marketing collateral including business cards, highlighting: We’re on Facebook!

2. Analyze your advertising efforts.
Through the admin panel of your page, or the Adverts Create Tool, you can orchestrate simultaneous marketing campaigns on your budget. The benefit of Facebook advertising initiatives is that it tracks your customers’ responses in real figures. Examine what works and engineer your efforts according to that response.

 Can small business help Russia bear West’s sanctions? Putin hopes so

 Moscow — Admitting that Russia has suffered a “difficult” year and faces what now looks to be permanent ostracism from the West, Vladimir Putin on Thursday argued that the current economic malaise is a matter of national security that will determine the country’s ability to survive.

That appears to make it official: the Kremlin now believes that it’s locked into a replay of the cold war, which it does not intend to lose this time. “We are ready to meet any challenge of the times and win,” Putin said.

But in a startlingly new appeal, Putin said in his annual state-of-the-nation address that the way forward is to liberalize the economy and let small business flourish in Russia.
The Russian president rolled out a series of liberal economic reforms in his state-of-the-nation speech today, saying that clearing away bureaucratic red tape and offering tax breaks to small business would soften sanctions’ bite.

Top Retirement Strategies: Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you are completely responsible for your own retirement planning. Unless your small business is just a side job, you don’t have an employer to set up a retirement plan or choose a set of possible investments for you, and you’re definitely not getting a pension. Further, if you have employees, you may feel responsible for helping them plan for a successful retirement.

This article will discuss the considerations and retirement savings plans that you, as a small business owner, should consider when planning for both your own retirement and that of your employees.

Develop an Exit Strategy

It might seem strange that developing a business exit strategy should be one of your first considerations when planning for retirement. But consider this: The small business you spend your life building might become your largest asset. If you want it to fund your retirement – and if you want to actually stop working – you’ll have to liquidate your investment.