Small Business Topics You do Not Want to Miss

business (2)Small business owners wear many hats when running their business.   Many issues that plagued them daily are the issues of cash flow and time.  Their “to do”  list is never done, and the time needed to finish the myriad of things they need to accomplished is never enough. Cash flow issues are a constant reminder to the small business owner that either they need to borrow money or find a way to stay afloat. If those issues are something that you as a small business owner feel are important to you, follow the links below for more information about these topics.

What comes first: financing or growth?

The most common complaint we hear from small-business owners in 2014? Financing and lending are still tight, and these restrictions are impeding growth. For this special report, Crain’s reporters and researchers dove deep into the latest trends in lending, from Small Business Administration-backed loans to the community banking resurgence to the Kickstarter phenomenon. We also present trends and list resources in alternative lending, venture capital and microloans.

And what’s a small-business special report without plenty of advice from area business owners who have successfully cracked the money code? Meet the owners of Lickity Split, a custard shop that is taking advantage of tax-increment financing grants to expand; a day care owner in Portage Park who financed an extension with a microloan; and a maker of gluten-free bakery mixes who has dazzled venture capitalists at the age of 26. And lest you think that finding funding for your idea is impossible, scroll through our slideshow of 20 random Chicago-area projects that won Kickstarter in the past 12 months.

Small business, big mistake: Losing sight of the mantra that ‘cash is king’

Welcome to “Small Business, Big Mistake” where small-business owners face up to their biggest mistakes and share advice to help your company avoid the same fate.

My previous education and business experience were limited to the technical side of doctor’s offices, so I didn’t think I was prepared to be an entrepreneur. Still, I wanted to have my own business, so experience aside, I decided to jump in with both feet.

I did my research, wrote my business plan, and hung out my shingle. Suddenly, I was a professional pet sitter with my own small business. I provided daily dog walking services for busy professionals and pet-sitting services for owners when they went out of town.

My business grew organically, and within six months, I had more business than I could handle on my own.

10 Ways to ACTUALLY Get Through Your To Do List

We start out each day with the best intentions to get it all done, but sometimes it feels like the world may be conspiring against us. As entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals, we have a myriad of tasks on our plate at any given moment, not to mention trying to balance this workload with your personal life. If you’re looking for a few ways to help you actually cut through the fluff and get your real work done, try out these ten tips:

1. Just do it!
This is probably the simplest way to start getting more things done. Instead of spending time debating what you should be doing, pick one thing and just do it. Then pick another and do it. Don’t worry about what’s next on your list or the other things that need your attention. They’re not going anywhere. Just focus on the one task at hand. You may be surprised at how well this simple approach works.

2. Work in chunks of time.