Play Above the Line at all Times!

The most common challenge that arises in executive business coaching relationships is the program going off the rails because of unhelpful mental attitudes. It is for this reason that the issue is raised even before we get started.

Both the business business coach and the client must commit to the coaching process and will have to work as a team to ensure that goals are established and realized. There is one important rule that we must both comply with:


Play above the line at all times!


Above the line, you own the ship and have an OAR to steer it.  Below the line, you make your BED and you must lie in it.  By playing above the line, we take ownership of what is happening around us and accept the responsibility and accountability that goes with it.


When something goes wrong, the easiest thing to do is to blame it on somebody else, find an excuse or deny that there is a problem.  This ‘playing below the line’ is destructive, as it does not resolve anything and problems get worse.  This type of reaction is typical of the victim mentality – failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy for people who think like this.


Playing above the line is constructive because taking ownership of, and responsibility for, challenges leads to the resolution of problems. It also ensures that they don’t happen again.  This pro-active approach is typical of people with a victor mentality.  Team members need to commit to playing above the line at all times.


It’s Victor Mentality or Victim Mentality. Always play Above the Line…be a Victor.