Is It Time For Spring Cleaning Your Business?

business (4)Spring cleaning for business requires something more than mopping the floors or airing the office. It is a time when the paperwork from the previous year can be organized, receipts for expenses tallied and summarize for your taxes, the health plan for you and your employees should be reviewed and renewed if you haven’t done so by this time of year. Organizing your business for the incoming one is a good habit that can pay off in the long run. To read more about how to organize your business or spring clean your business this year, follow the links below for more information.

Spring cleaning for small business owners

With January and February behind us, most small business owners are likely off to a good start in terms of their first quarter operations, budgeting, and outlook for the rest of the year. However, with spring upon us, there is no better time for business owners to dust off their finances, organize quarterly plans, and prepare for the future. Using the idea of spring cleaning and applying it to a business can fix “messes” in a timely fashion and have a meaningful impact throughout the rest of the year.

Reviewing business plans over the coming weeks is beneficial since it is early enough in the year that budgets can be reworked, yet implementation is still well under way. From a human psychology standpoint, businesses often experience a slow down during summer months, and winter months/end of year are typically reserved for wrapping up, squeezing in last minute profits, and planning for the next year.

Below, we outline several areas that owners may want to consider “cleaning” this season:

3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Business

Spring cleaning is not only for households. For small business owners, springtime is a reminder to get things in order. From an aesthetic standpoint, cleaning up a messy office not only injects a sense of order that might desperately be needed, it also provides a sense of accomplishment. From an operational standpoint, small business owners can clean up their books from 2013, store receipts, tax returns and other important documents electronically, and close out old inventory to greet the arrival of warm weather.
Clean Up 2013 Receipts
Unfortunately, April 15th, Tax Day, is a rite of spring. As many entrepreneurs are meeting with their accountants during the upcoming weeks, it is important to close out the books on 2013. Make sure you have all the receipts you need for write-offs.  Some of them may be stuck in your pocket or buried under catalogs in your inbox. Now is the time to look for them. You don’t want to be frantically searching for receipts from major purchases on April 14th. It is easier to find things when the pressure is off. You may have forgotten the receipt from the computer you bought last February. Neglecting to do so could cost you thousands of dollars in business expenses that you could have deducted and saved yourself substantial dollars on your tax bill.

10 Spring-Cleaning Tips for Small Business

Organize your office and your processes with these tips.

Spring cleaning your small business requires more than just scrubbing and dusting.

Tackling your to-do list is easier when you have a clean office, uncluttered desk and clear mind. Beyond vacuuming and dusting, here are 10 tasks to add to your spring-cleaning checklist.

1. Evaluate your systems, processes and vendors, and eliminate or streamline things that aren’t working.

2. Create a filing system according to how you think, and get rid of old, unnecessary files.

3. Go digital—scan, save and purge hard copies of files.

4. Clear your desktop of anything you don’t use regularly.