How To Spot Problem Employees Before Hiring Them

business (7)How to Spot Problem Employees Before Hiring Them

The whole hiring process requires careful thought and consideration. If an employer is not careful there are many things that can be overlooked in finding great employees. Upon viewing a prospect, the employer should view the initial application carefully to see if there is anything there that appears to be misleading or false. References and past employers should carefully be checked by giving them a call and asking a few unexpected questions and making certain that the past employer has a legitimate company. The past employer can be researched to see if they really exist.

If the application looks impressive, the next phase would be to give the person a call and let them know that their application was received and ask them why they feel they would be a good prospect for the job. It would be a good idea to tell them about the main job duties and ask them if they have experience in those areas. If the applicant is able to answer the questions in a convincing manner then this would be a great time to schedule an interview. If the person does not sound convincing they could be told that that there still needs to be time to view their application. This would be the perfect time to send them an email and thank them for their application and let them know why it was denied.

The interview is the final draw. First impressions mean everything. The applicant should be dressed for success suitable for the interview. Does the employer really express that they are interested in the company or in just getting paid to do a job? Some concerns may be health related problems that may cause this person not to be able to perform well on the job. The applicant should be able to work the hours needed and be able to be to work on time. Does the applicant answer in a way that he or she comprehends the questions asked? Does he or she communicate well and present themselves professionally? The answers to these questions could be red flags that help spot problem employees.