Akron Ohio Business News

business (2)The distractions a person doing business from home are innumerable. Not only that, but the tediousness of waking up every morning to go to your office across the hall can be a bit boring. In my opinion, it is way better than fighting traffic and the cold to go to an office downtown.  But, if you are really anxious to escape the home and all the distractions involved, read the article below for some inspiration and to follow more news affecting Ohio.

Akron General back on the prowl

Akron General Health System remains one of the few independent health systems in Northeast Ohio. That was poised to change when Cleveland Clinic and Community Health Systems, a for-profit health care juggernaut out of Tennessee, announced in August they would acquire the health system through a new joint venture.

That deal has seemingly fallen apart, at least for now, and Akron General is on the hunt for new suitors.

It’s possible Catholic Health Partners, the Cincinnati-based health system that through a subsidiary purchased a minority stake in Summa Health System, could make a play for Akron General. Such a deal would make CHP an immediate, big-time player in Northeast Ohio, especially with its recent acquisition of Kaiser Permanente’s Ohio operations. That said, I’m not sure how Summa — Akron General’s larger and much more solvent — competitor would react to the news.

Akron business offers space to work that’s not the coffee shop

The cats, the laundry and other distractions. Not to mention, “the mundane feeling of being in the same place for so long.”

That’s what drove Torrie Fischer to seek out an alternative to working from home.

She’s among a growing number of folks across the country turning to shared work space.

Fischer, a software engineer, landed at Office Space Coworking, or OSC, in downtown Akron. OSC is housed on the ground floor of the historic Everett Building at Main and Market streets.

“This is out of the house and there’s food [eateries] nearby. It’s got a collaborative atmosphere — it’s starting to,” said Fischer, whose job with an international company allows her to work from anywhere.

The new owner of Office Space Coworking, Nick Petroski, encourages that sharing of ideas and is stressing that his operation offers a lot more than space, free Wi-Fi, parking and coffee.

“With Office Space Coworking, you get access to a community,” Petroski said. “You can get access to the person sitting right next to you. You can get feedback on an idea.”

To build that community, Petroski, 28, has begun sponsoring educational, as well as social events.

Tressel isn’t at Akron to be ‘an ornament’

Former Ohio State football coach has had his influence with Zips expand significantly.

If the last 24 months have proven anything about Jim Tressel, it’s that he’s no ornament.

Two years ago next month, Mr. Tressel joined the University of Akron in what was then a largely undefined administrative role — one that carried the weighty title of vice president for strategic engagement. The controversial hiring came less than a year after the Northeast Ohio native resigned as Ohio State University’s head football coach in the wake of a scandal involving a group of his players and his failure to report violations to the NCAA.

“There might have been some skepticism when I came to work here,” Mr. Tressel said in an interview last Tuesday, Jan. 7, with Crain’s. “People thought, “He’s going to come here and kind of be an ornament and go out to lunch occasionally and ask someone for money.’ I understand why people might have thought that.”