U. S. Small Business News

business (7)We are bringing you the latest news that is happening in the U. S. this week. From technology that helps small business do their job better and allows them to grow those while maintaining some level of tranquility, to the latest criticism of the Obama Care Act. Click on the links to follow the rest of the stories.

Digital tools play big role in small business growth

Tweet, Vine, Pin, Post. Update a blog. Like a Facebook status. Network via LinkedIn. There are myriad options for small business owners to connect with customers, peers and others via digital media.

Yet, these entrepreneurs also have to balance budgets, keep track of accounts receivable, manage payroll and sell their products and services.

With limited time and financial resources, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out the most efficient and effective ways to embrace the rapidly expanding digital world.

If a small business owner shuns social media, he or she could miss out on big marketing opportunities. But if too much time is spent seeding such sites, other important duties could fall by the wayside.

The Business End of Obamacare

Of the countless reasons that congressional Republicans hate the Affordable Care Act enough to shut down the government, the most politically potent is the claim that it will do untold damage to the economy and cripple small companies. Orrin Hatch has said that Obamacare will be “devastating to small business.” Ted Cruz argues that it is already “the No. 1 job killer.” And the vice-president of the National Federation of Independent Businesses called it simply “terrible.” So it comes as some surprise to learn that Obamacare may well be the best thing Washington has done for American small business in decades.

Economists want to know faster what’s happening in small business

WASHINGTON — Politicians extol the virtues of small businesses as an engine of the U.S. economy, but often leave out a very important flip side. They also have a shorter life span than larger firms, and thus toss more people into joblessness, making them disproportionately the generators of unemployment. .

Yet there’s no good way to know what’s happening in those small businesses fast enough. That’s particularly true in times of crisis, such as 2008, when employers were shedding jobs by the hundreds of thousands every month and the lack of real-time data about small business was troubling.

A bipartisan small business fix

As Congress confronts issues of tremendous policy and political implications in the next few weeks including a continuing resolution to keep the government open, federal debt ceiling debates, and numerous healthcare, immigration, and energy proposals, one bill is quietly making its way through Congress which is bipartisan, pro-small business, pro-job growth, and a long overdue fix for professionals who work in the sale of private businesses.

HR 2274, the Small Business Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales, and Brokerage Simplification Act of 2013 is an excellent bipartisan bill, one whose time has come, and Congress should get it done before the end of the year.  It’s not a sexy bill, not one that prime-time TV will be talking about, and not one that will evoke a question in the next presidential debates, but it’s a bill that does have teeth and it is a serious and substantive piece of small business legislation.