Small Business And Tax Reform

business (11)If you are a small business owner, you have to have an opinion about this.

Although some of the articles speak of an economy that is showing signs of life, other indicators from other industries show that it may just be a stagnant economy.

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Small businesses should take stock, take a little risk

The economy is showing signs of life and that makes it a good time for small business owners to re-evaluate how they are running their companies.

Now that crisis mode has passed, owners need to make sure they’re ready to take advantage of growth opportunities on the horizon. Experts say it’s time for owners to think about taking some risks and to make sure that they are taking care of employees.

There’s evidence that owners are more confident. Nearly half of small business owners say there will be growth opportunities in the coming year, according to a survey taken in June and July by the National Small Business Association. That’s up from 38 percent six months ago. And the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index of small business confidence, compiled from a July survey of owners, jumped 9 points to 25 from the start of the year.

Small Business Spotlight: Boardroom Development Partners

What Boardroom Development Partners does is a little like an online dating service.

First there’s a survey of interests. Then more detailed information might be shared. The first face-to-face meeting takes place over cocktails in a public setting. If chemistry results, there are more intimate meetings.

With the parties BDP puts together, though, “closing the deal” means, well, closing an actual business deal.

BDP specializes in creating and hosting business events where CEOs of various financial services sectors meet and — based on surveys taken before the event — are matched with service providers who can help grow their business.

On tax reform, lawmakers target small business concerns — but will it matter?

Most small firms are set up as pass-through entities, meaning taxes are paid by their owners at the individual rate, which runs as high as 39 percent. By comparison, the corporate rate is 35 percent, and after deductions, corporations pay an actual average rate of about 12.6 percent, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Consequently, many small-business groups bemoaned a proposal last month by the Obama administration to lower the corporate rate without also lowering individual income rates.