Why Do I Need a Business Coach?

business (4)Why Do I Need a Business Coach?

 A good business coach can add a wealth of knowledge and experience without the need to give up equity in your company or pay someone a senior executive’s salary and benefits. Considering all that a business owner can learn from a business coach… a very high value exists for a low cost. However, obtaining the right business coach for the unique needs of your business can sometimes be a bit more challenging than randomly selecting someone from online listings or the phone book.

So what do you look for?….

Remember business coaching is an investment in your business. Here are a few benchmarks to consider when you are considering investing in a coach.

1 – Experience Your Industry

This is perhaps the easiest of questions to answer. While industry experience is valuable, remember that you are working “ON” your business. You are the industry expert! If you’re looking for manufacturing line redesign or process changes to the production line, you should be looking for a consultant who specifically does that type of work.  A business coach will help you to build value and systemize your business.

Online research is also helpful when deciding on a business coach to help you with your business.
Look over the business coach’s portfolio of past and present clients. Check the success of those companies. Walk into a few and ask about things that you like and dislike.

2 – Methodology and Business Philosophy

Are you investing in a coach whose philosophy you can see yourself emulating in the years ahead? Moreover, does this business philosophy connect with your long-term business goals?

Although no business coach should have to describe in detail his entire methodology in a preliminary interview, a business owner should not be afraid to ask general questions about how a coach expects to help achieve results for the company. The coach’s answers should be in line with the long-term goals of your company and your personal aspirations.

3 – Longevity

Is this person someone that you can see consulting with for a long period of time? Business coaching is a long-term investment. You need someone that you can communicate with on an open and honest basis. They must be able to explain things to you in terms that you can understand.