Efficiency in the Workplace

business (7)Today’s news is all about efficiency in the workplace.  It is no surprise to anyone that businesses have to implement procedures in the workplace to boost the efficiency of their work force.  Although the steps to get there are varied and are not in any way exclusive to all businesses, efficiency in the workplace can be the difference between a successful business and a mediocre one.

Define Your Organization’s Habits to Work More Efficiently

We don’t often think about the way we usually operate at work, whether we’re performing an informal five-step process for evaluating a new proposal, or setting priorities for managing our time. But our ability to improve the ways we do things depends on defining and shaping our daily habits of mind and practice — our “standard work.”

Be flexible – and boost your efficiency

Against the backdrop of a tough economic climate, many small business owners are feeling the strain and working harder than ever. We conducted some research to find out the real pressures that Britain’s small businesses are currently facing. Turns out, it’s pretty tough out there.

Fiscal Efficiency Not A Priority in Ohio Schools

Ohio’s school districts spend about a third more on their bureaucracies than the national average.

As a percentage of the budget, Ohio schools spend more on bureaucracy than 47 other states, as reported in “The Book of the States 2012.” Statewide, Ohio’s schools spend a total of 13.2 percent of their budgets on administration, compared to the national average of 10.8 percent.