Recession or Recovery? Ohio Business News

business (11)The economy is always news around our nation.  Small owners surveyed may not agree whether the economy is recovering, but there is certainly more optimism about a recovery than before.  Read the articles below to discover what is happening around Ohio, our economy and new happenings in business.

Recession or recovery? Ohio’s small-business owners split

Ohio small-business owners are split over whether the U.S. and Ohio economies are still in recession or recovering, according to U.S. Bank’s annual small-business survey.

The survey polled 3,210 small businesses, including 203 in Ohio, across 25 states where the bank provides small-business services. The survey found that 45 percent of the small businesses surveyed believe the U.S. and Ohio economies are in an economic recovery.

Northeast Ohio small business owners are more optimistic about growth than their peers nationwide

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Northeast Ohio small-business owners see more opportunities to grow than their counterparts around the state and nation, according to COSE‘s latest small business monitor survey.

Popular locally brewed beer returns to Ohio

Wiedemann’s Special Lager will make its Ohio debut at Arnold’s Bar and Grill on May 17.
The event will include a delivery of the ceremonial first keg of Wiedemann in a horse-drawn beer wagon by Jim Tarbell.