Ohio Business News

Although winter in Ohio may be far from “fun” in the dead of winter, there is some good news for you to think about this year.  The following article will give small business owners a little incentive to keep working and promoting business in Ohio.

Texas Tops List of Best Small Business Tax Systems, California At Bottom

If you were to choose a state to do business in based solely on state tax systems, Texas and North Dakota would be at the top of the list. And at the bottom?  Try California, Hawaii and New Jersey.

Produce industry to hear federal food safety update April 30 in Wooster

WOOSTER, Ohio — If you’ve been following the produce industry over the past half-dozen years, chances are good you’ve heard the words “food safety.”

It’s been a hot topic in the industry amid costly food borne illnesses and concern over the general safety of raw produce.

White Castle Going ‘Green’ with Compost Made from Food Scraps

COLUMBUS, Ohio – White Castle is proud to announce its stepping up efforts to become ‘greener’ this Earth Day by using a new compost made from restaurant food scraps. To celebrate Earth Day, White Castle planted flowers using the new compost.