Gratitude is Often Your Best Medicine

Do you ever wake up a little blah or feeling a pending doom?  Maybe there are some unresolved aggravations, or even some major ongoing challenges that are just bringing you down.  You start to think about what’s not pleasant and this negative focus pushes you further down.  Those negative feelings feed negative thinking, which leads to even more bad feelings.  I’m sure you get the picture…. It’s not pretty…. it is like a downward spiral.

I have found a way to reverse the direction on that spiral, and go up instead of down.  When you find yourself spiraling downward, become thankful. Give thanks for your current situation, your family, friends and relationships, for the plans you see on the horizon and for past and future successes. Whenever I do this, I am overwhelmed with a deep sense thanksgiving and positive thought that overwhelms the negative or critical thoughts in my head.  Find and focus on the good things of life.  You’ll be amazed at where you can go. Once you feel better, the best thing to do is to get into action.  Make it a good day!

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