Spring Cleaning – Trash Removal Time!

I was talking with a client recently about how she let the trash accumulate over the years. I told her I really understood. It happens to all of us. So we need to find time to clean up and take out the trash. It also occurred to me we’re not just talking about the junk and stuff that needs to be regularly thrown out.

business (2)If you want to be your best in business today, you need to learn to regularly remove the trash not only from your workplace, but from your head!  Your mind is like a garden.  You plant seeds, nurture those seeds as they grow and eventually reap a harvest.  Your mind is a field ready to produce a harvest.  Your creative ideas are the seeds that are sewn that can produce a cash crop.  But like any garden in creep the weeds – the head trash – the fears and doubt that overwhelm and frustrate and discourage us.  What must you do with this most important 6 inch garden (your mind) if you want to reap a healthy crop?  You must relentlessly clean up those weeds and toss out the trash!

Think about it.  Negative, doubtful, discouraging, hopeless, critical thoughts do not help you or improve your situation.  They are destructive reactions to circumstances.  You need to find and use the right tools. Replace negative reactions with creative, solution oriented, hopeful and encouraging action based thoughts.  Try these questions to help you deal with the trash.  Is what I am thinking absolutely true?  What CAN I DO in this situation?  What are my resources?  What is the worst thing that could happen and how could I handle that?  What can I do today to address my situation?  What are the possibilities?  What are all my options?  Who else can help me?  What is a better approach?  What else do I need to know? What haven’t I considered?  What can I learn from this?  How can I make this work?  What can I create?  Above all else make yourself think positive….ask: What am I thankful for?

Use good questions to weed the garden.  Discipline your mind to be brutally honest and intentionally optimistic.  The hard work of taking out the trash will be worth it.  You will have a clear, positive mind full of creative productive thoughts.  This is fundamental to your success….both in business and life.

If you need help identifying and disposing of the trash or maximizing the performance of your business call Ohio Business Coach Ralph Berge, 440-838-0991.