Ohio Business News

From August to December 2009 when Ohio’s unemployment rate shot up to a whopping 10.6%, and the United States rate was 10%, we have seen a steady decrease of Ohio’s and the United States unemployment rate.  By December of Last year, the unemployment rate for the United States was 7.8% compared to Ohio’s 6.7%, so, are business owners and corporations doing better in Ohio than the country as a whole?  Below, you will find news that sees business owners looking at the future in Ohio with more optimism.

Business owners in Ohio more optimistic

Owners of small and medium-size businesses are slightly more optimistic about how they will fare in the coming months than they were in the fall, when the presidential election and worries about the “fiscal cliff” dominated the headlines, according to a PNC Bank survey released yesterday.

Ohio’s Senate president hints at a small-business tax cut

Tuesday, Republican leaders of the Ohio House of Representatives unveiled a plan for big changes in Gov. John Kasich’s proposal for a big income tax cut.

State of Ohio puts money behind Bizdom, Shaker LaunchHouse

The state of Ohio is about to start backing two business accelerators in Northeast Ohio instead of just one.