Are You a Miner or a Whiner?


In many ways economic cycles are like the seasons of the year.  It appears that we are headed for a heavy (but improving) economic winter season.  Winter is not bad.  It just requires preparation and an appropriate response to make it good.  In fact, if you like winter sports like skiing, you look forward to the fun that comes with the change of season.  

A fundamental principle for facing any challenge is to understand that the circumstances are neither good nor bad.  It is your response to circumstance that turns that circumstance into a fun adventure or a devastating disappointment.  It is essential, especially in challenging times, to be ready to create, change, and innovate.  People who are filled with fear, worry, and distress are not in a creative frame of mind.  Remember that spring will eventually come, and how you respond in winter will prepare you to plant in the spring. 

So first, let me offer some thoughts about mental attitude.  A positive attitude is the number one ingredient for thriving in these tough times – not just surviving, but thriving! Difficult times provide an opportunity for you to become a leader.  As the majority moves down, you move up, which makes you attractive.  Times like these provide a platform to display character qualities like perseverance, hope, and determination. Hardship and difficulty will either make you bitter or better.  It is how you choose to respond that determines the result. 

Perspective is a key.  Do you see problems, challenges, or opportunities?  The fact is you will find what you are looking for!  Are you searching for a dirty piece of coal or a beautiful diamond?  Are you a whiner or a miner?  

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