Decide to Exit and Plan Accordingly

 Start today and take the following steps:

1.       Fix a departure date.

2.       Determine your financial needs.

3.       Decide whom you want to succeed you.

4.       Have your business valued to see if: a) should you sell today; and/or b) it has the value necessary to meet your financial and other exit objectives. 

Based on your objectives and the realities of your business, use a skilled Exit Planning Professional to forge a plan with accountability/decision deadlines. 

Deciding to do something now to create the best possible exit path is not difficult. The failure to act, however, can potentially be fatal to a successful exit. The success of your business exit is simply too important to you (your family and your employees) to leave to chance. Why wait? Why decide not to decide? 

Decide to take action today. Talk with Ohio business coach and Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Ralph Berge. Call him 440.838.0991.