Planning Saves You, Your Business and Your Family

A recent survey showed that the number one reason business exits fail is due to a lack of planning on the part of the owner. A separate study showed that most business owners spend more time planning their family vacations then they do planning how and when to exit their business. Rather than being proactive, most business owners are reactive and “forced” to sell because of burnout, health issues, marital problems, or business conditions without the time to prepare correctly. As a result, most business owners exit their companies at the worst time possible. 

As a result, developing an exit plan is the most important thing you can do to protect the value of your business. 

What is an exit plan or a family business succession plan, you ask? An exit plan is a comprehensive road map that addresses all of the business, personal, financial, legal and tax issues involved in selling a privately owned business. A good exit plan includes contingencies for illness, burnout, divorce, and even your death. Its purpose is to ensure the survival of the business; to provide continuity to your employees, customers, vendors; and to preserve wealth for your family.