Life Changes Your Business – Are You Ready?

An owner’s feelings about his or her business continually evolve. At some point in time, the business may not be so central to their life. When this happens, the owner will probably either want or need the flexibility and freedom not to be as involved with the business as before. This kind of change can happen as a result of a change of mind or a change of circumstance. What if the owner hasn’t planned for this? Life can change overnight and the effect can change the focus on your business. What a terrible fate it is to come face-to-face with life, and because of business responsibilities, not have the total freedom to do what you really want to do, when you really want to do it. Plan ahead by developing a succession plan for you and your business – your family and your employees are counting on you to be a leader. Ohio business coach, Ralph Berge can help. Call him 440.838.0991.